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The Curator is a property manager with a talented group of employees geared towards estate planning, asset consolidation, evaluation and restructuring.

The process begins with a property audit which includes ascertaining the title one holds over property i.e. ownership, tenancy, sectional title or otherwise through perusal of your documents and deeds registry searches. We help you unravel the problems caused by deaths, cessions, delays in transfers and other changes of ownership which are not reflected timeously in the land registry. The Curator provides an evaluation and property improvement service, with it being extensively involved in the urban renewal programme in the city of Bulawayo. Our strategic partnerships with leading contractors and property developers are at the disposal of our clients, ensuring that they not only lock in the value of the properties, but also improve them through timely renovations and maintenance.    

The Curator also has a property management division which has a list of possible tenants and land lords seeking placement. The division boasts a staff complement whose rent collection and property maintenance experience ensures that cordial relations which are mutually beneficial to landlord and tenants persist.

All the above services are tailor made and packaged to suit the particular plight and situation of the client. Please do not hesitate to put an appointment with our team for a more in depth look at how can we help you.

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